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About Our App

Our app uses Augmented Reality and intelligent algorithms to measure distances and areas with better precission than GPS. Once the area is measured export it to Measure Map Pro and adjust rotation and position to place it more accurately on the map.

2D / 3D

Select 3D to measure perimeters, intermediate distances or areas in 3D. Or 2D to ge the projected distances or areas over the horizontal plane.

Move pins

Pins can be moved simply by dragging them to adjust their position with more precision. Or they can be deleted by tapping on them.

Undo / Redo

Undo or redo cactions like Add / Delete or Move.

Export to Measure Map Pro

Export your measurements to Measure Map Pro to work with geopositioned measurements over Google or Apple Maps. Adjust rotation or position as needed.

Easy To Customize

Select between a wide variety of measurement units (metric or imperial). Choose colors, transparency, decimals, etc ...

Test it for free

Test all the functionality for a Month. Or forever during a limited period of time.

How The App Works

Learn your world

Turn your device a bit to both sides and down to learn the environment until the small circle and the world icons turn green. That is the best state to start measuring.

Drop pins

Point with the square crosshair to the place you want to drop a pin. It will detect the horizontal planes. Then walk and drop pins to draw the perimiter you want to measure. Drop as many pins as you need.

Close polygon

Press the "Close" button to finish and close the polygon by placing a pin on the position of the first one.


Press the export button to send the measurements to Measure Map Pro. You will be able to rotate and move the polygon to precisely place it on Google or Apple Maps.

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